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Think about the little white lie in your life, then play the game to break the cycle.

We define a “little white lie” as something that everyone knows and nobody talks about, but can have potentially damaging consequences.

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I grew up in a world with , , and .

is the earliest memory I have of feeling different.

Hanging out with put a lot of my insecurities to rest.

Being true to myself means being both and .

My truth is .

My little white lie is...

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An Interactive Project to Share and Explore Personal Truths

Created with the goal of driving deep discussions following screenings of the film Little White Lie, the Truth Circle Game is an interactive card game. The online version of the game is meant to provide you with the opportunity to share your truths with our online community and learn from the experiences of others. To play the game, share your experiences by submitting your responses in the cards above.

The Truth Circle game is also available as a 14 card deck for you to play with your own community. The game is best played with small to medium sized groups and is a powerful tool to connect with key themes from the film, including complex identities, family dynamics, and personal truth. The Truth Circle Game deck is available for purchase at www.littlewhiteliethefilm.com email littlewhitelie@truthaid.org to learn more.